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>> of 14-year season curse is over for the baltimore orioles. >> there are now guaranteed a record of five rendered or better. -- 500 or better. gerry sandusky joins us live with a thrilling, historic, along win today. >> none of it comes close to satisfying his team's dream of the playoffs. they want -- they may be improbable happened. the fans have waited a long time for a september like this one. bottom of the 14th after a long way this afternoon, it was up 2- 2 tie. adam jones scored the winning run. five hours and 14 minutes in the 14 year streak of a losing record at the orioles stay in first place, with a guaranteed to be a 500 or better record.
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>> they were real date there were the guy on first. their outfield so good we expect them to catch everything. >> but show walters even keel demeanor is probably the backbone of the orioles success. not much time for the orioles to enjoy the win today. they are off on a nine-game road trip tomorrow. it is an entirely different story for orioles fans. >> plenty of excitement here at camden yards is afternoon when the orioles finally clinched that win. plenty of fans stuck it out for that five-hour game even though it was on a thursday.
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after 14 losing seasons, plenty of fans have no memory of the last time the orioles were guaranteed not to have a losing record, but it is through no fault of their own. >> i was just for, so i would not know. >> if you need a refresher, 1997 was the last time the orioles -- >> i have always been a fan of the team and i have always enjoyed them and had a good time watching him. >> now things are a lot different. >> a lot more energy, a lot more people, a lot more fun, honestly. >> a lot more fun from the 1989 why not season.
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this year, these orioles are surprising fans in the same way. outside the stadium, it means profit. >> things are moving along. >> baltimore's dean celebrating. >> it feels like things are moving in a big and better direction. it is not small, not mild. kind of like a tidal wave. >> in the spirit of keeping those feelings going, the orioles have announced they are extending their roll back ticket pricing for this week's game against the blue jays. the left field box seats will be $8. >> we are following a developing story of north baltimore. police are investigating a double shooting. police and medics were called about an hour ago. investigators said they found
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two males side of the hinkle suffering from gunshot wounds to their arms. there is no word on the victim's condition, the suspects, or a possible motive. new details about the shooting on the campus at morgan state university. baltimore city police confirmed the 19-year-old shooting victim was at the school yesterday visiting his cousin. the victim remains in critical condition with the guns bought -- with a gunshot wound to the stomach. he was shot just before 5:00. police said the shooter was also not a student at the school. war and state officials say they are satisfied with the response to the shooting, but they are evaluating the incident to make improvements, including the -- including a glitch in the student alert system. >> what happened was, the website reached overload yesterday as information started going out and people started
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logging onto the web site. but it was back up quickly and the logjam was fixed. >> the university is also providing counseling for students following yesterday's scare. >> a new and disturbing possible motive is emerging in connection with the shooting at perry hall high school. attorneys for 15-year-old robert gladden jr. say he went to school armed with a shotgun because he expected and wanted to be killed. he is charged with attempted first-degree murder. the 17-year-old daniel borowy was shot in the back, but officers say he was not targeted. >> this child asked about the wellbeing of the child that was injured. we told him, he expressed relief and said that someday he would like to meet the child or his parents and express his regret for his behavior. >> blood has been undergoing a mental health the violation. -- gladden has been undergoing a
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mental health evaluation. his attorney said he is on suicide watch. the district has called a series of mandatory meetings for tomorrow morning where educators will learn more on communicating potential trouble and how to go about reporting suspicious activity. the district today also introduced a new anonymous tip hot line. the county teachers association welcomes the new changes. >> there will be information coming out that will help them to not only understand what their role is but to help the students understand what their role is. i believe a peace will be coming out of the parents as well. >> information apparent on school safety and security will be included in a letter from the administration. in response to the recent incidents at the schools, there is a code blue rally in an effort to take a stand against bullying. there's no official word that
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bullying played a role in either case, but leaders say it highlights the need for more community involvement -- community involvement. >> we want to be a to say we are taking positive action steps. >> there is also a code blue facebook page for those who suffer from bullying. >> an arrest in the double shooting in mount vernon. as a man who has committed several violent crimes including robbery and serious assaults. the 25-year-old is facing several charges in the shooting death of alex urlich. investigators say he shot the men in the early morning hours of august 10 as they stood outside of bed and breakfast on east chase street. detectives are working to determine if he is a suspect in additional robberies in that area. they say this from the community
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were crucial in helping them solve that case. >> these are some of the shocking images from violent protests from the middle east. there were protests in at least 11 different countries. an anti-muslim video sparked angry protests in benghazi, libya where a u.s. ambassador and three other americans were killed. the nightly been officials now have arrested an unspecified number of militants suspected of taking part in that attack. they also say they are closely monitoring others to see if they are linked to the group. the deputy interior minister is now saying the benghazi attack was a two-part operation. they say ambassador chris stevens and the other americans were killed in an initial violence just as libyan and u.s. security forces arrived to rescue the consulate staff. two more americans were killed
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and a number of others wounded. u.s. officials are also bracing for more violent clashes in other parts of the muslim world. >> there are many muslim leaders who are condemning the attacks. kai reed met with some of them here in maryland who say the attacks were in no way representative of the islamic faith. >> we hope people will come to their senses and to understand that everyone has a right to survive and lived. >> the killing of diplomats and ambassadors is in no way allowed and our religion of islam. anyone who does that is not doing the right thing and it does not reflect our religion in any way. we stand with our american brothers and sisters in condemning the violence, in the hope that this will not ignite
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more violence. >> according to the latest census numbers, muslims make up 3.5% of the state's population. this mosque has a congregation of 10,000 people. they said their policy is not to react with violence. they have reached out to local leaders from different faiths since the attacks. >> the best we can do to these people is just ignore it, move on, and walk away. we need to work together, not work against each other. >> in baltimore, kai reed, wbal- tv 11 news. >> we have learned that state delegate sydney austin and state prosecutors have reached an agreement to resolve the two criminal cases against alston without going to call. she is accused of using campaign
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funds to buy a wedding dress and using taxpayer money to pay an employee at her law firm. the lawyer for anne arundel county executive john leopold is asking for testimony allowing -- alleging gender discrimination by his client because that project to be tossed out. the called the recent lawsuit immaterial and impertinent. they said the claims contained only sensationalized allegations about irrelevant matters and here say. leopold and three other men are charged with improper conduct and sexual harassment creating a hostile workplace. b. d is answering that state regulators about the response during the june derecho. >> what are they asking from the utility to avoid long power outages in the future? >> an earthly prayer well, more
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on the touching tribute to the first men on the moon, neil armstrong. >> another beautiful day but a cold front out near chicago is headed this way. right now under mostly clear skies, 50 at the a
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x a horrible derecho storm rocked the state, leaving hundreds of thousands in the dark, some four weeks. >> the public service commission held hearings to see how well area utility company responded to those outages during the storm. that had some tough questions for the utilities.
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>> is a weather event most of us will never forget. at around 10:00 on june 29, straight line winds associated with the derecho storm ended at knocking out power to more than 760,000 bge customers. now, after a number of public hearings, the top brass were in front of the pse to explain how the company handled the storm, which many customers had a problem with. >> there is a gap between customer expectations for restoration from of storm like the derecho versus the reality of the resources we have today. but the biggest problem was in getting aker times as to when service would be restored. just before the storm, a number of contractors had been released to go work on other projects in virginia with dominion power, which, if kept in place, may
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have been able to help restoration efforts go little faster. >> is it true that whatever crews were in dominions territory are beholden to dominion until dominion releases them? >>-standing of the way that sould work is that the cruisew belong to us until we release them. >> working through extreme temperatures in getting more than 1500 out of state crews in place, and they still manage to get power restored inn about the same time as it did when irene hit, which they were prepared for. >> assuming we had the heads up and had people here, we probably would have restored service quicker than we did in the storm. >> lowell melser, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the psc will take all the information from today in the
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previous public hearings to file a report. >> the nation bid farewell to the first man to walk on the moon, neil armstrong. hundreds of mourners, including apollo era astronauts, gathered at the washington national cathedral to celebrate a true american hero. many spoke of how armstrong affected them personally. >> he did not want attention called to himself. he might have smiled at it, but he would have said, is that really mean they are honoring? >> i join a grateful nation in saluting the brave and humble servant who never stopped dreaming, never stopped working to make those dreams reality, and inspired each and everyone of us. >> neil armstrong died last month at age 82. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> the beautiful late summer
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weather has been with us all week long. it looks like it will be your good part of friday, too, before a weak front comes through tomorrow night. that will not have a great impact on the area. 2 degrees warmer than normal, but a few degrees below the average for the day. another nice night tonight, but you can feel a little bit of cloud and is starting to crowd in from the west. we have had severe clear for the last five days or so. these clouds are hints that there is a front out there that will come through here about this time tomorrow night. in the meantime, beautiful again. the mountains, you can see not as cool the last few nights. the son of a change coming our way.
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morning lows will range from 59 to about 65 at the inner harbor. it will be a very nice overnight and early morning. these are afternoon high temperatures, and then pick the's and 60's right behind the cold front, driving across the lake to the upper midwest. for most of the day we are out ahead of the up front so it will be mild and dry. some cooler air settles in behind it. the futurecast shows just partly cloudy skies for most of the day with a little patchy fog in the morning, burning off in the afternoon sun. showers and western maryland toward evening tomorrow, then after sun jessup -- after sunset a scattering of showers. maybe even a little rumble of thunder as the front passes through. then it should clear out nicely as the front moves off the coast. saturday and sunday looks like
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we are right back into the beautiful weather. 80-85 tomorrow, the thunderstorm rest after the sun sets heading for the late evening and closer to midnight, coming from the west. they water temperatures in the mid to upper 70's. western maryland will have a touch of all over the weekend. the eastern shore, don't have to worry about any thunderstorm threat until late tomorrow evening, and then it is only a 20% chance. then it will clear up nicely for the weekend. the front should fizzle out before it can bring any significant showers to the coastal areas of the weekend. 82 tomorrow, back in the mid 7's saturday and sunday. the chance of rain comes our way monday and tuesday before it clears out in the middle of the week. >> the ground for late night with jimmy fallon after jay leno
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tonight. >> emma watson is here. >> the orioles now turn their attention to the most important road trip that had in the past decade and a half. more on that, next in sports. >> tonight's jackpot is an estimated $625,000. here are you winning numbers for tonight. 40-22-43-26-25-31.
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if no one matches all six numbers on one line of a ticket, the jackpot climbs to $650,000. and textron is monday night at 11:22 here on -- the next drawing is monday night here on wbal
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>> the last time the orioles had a winning season, the third baseman had just celebrated his sixth birthday. today the rookie played a significant role a keeping the orioles in first and ending a 14-year run of a losing season. they are in lock step tie with the yankees. second and final homestand of the season. the elk -- orioles did not score until the seventh. comes around to score the first run of the game for the orioles. the orioles have a 2-1 lead.
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a run in a and it's tied at 2. bases loaded, no outs, and then they went down 1, 2, 3. in the 14th, orioles with two on. adam jones in to score. the orioles close out the homestand with a 3-2 win over the rays. >> that was not the goal from day one this spring, they one of the off-season. it is watching the other teams for years and saying we want to do what they are doing. we would like to get a chair at the dance, you know. >> a lot of watching in boston tonight at fenway. the yankees needed their first
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back-to-back wins in nearly a month to keep even with the orioles. return the first 10 batters of the game. top of the seventh, a soft fly ball to center field. the yankees had a 2-0 lead, but were threatened in the bottom of the ninth. rounding out at second base to end it and the yankees tie with the orioles for first with a 2-0 win over the red sox. the orioles three game series street drop tambo. now they start up a nine-game 10-day road trip. the stakes get higher by the day with only 19 games left in the regular season. it does not take long in the nfl
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season for injury concerns to surface. that have to prepare for chasing around the eagles quarterback michael vick. three sacks and an interception return for a touchdown but the game away for the ravens. this week that have to prepare for the most elusive quarterback in nfl. taylor has some michael vick- like qualities that help prepare the ravens defense. taylor has one thing he cannot emulate though, he is right- handed and michael vick is not. >> if you throw left-handed, it would be better, but he is certainly running around unscrambling and doing those kind of things, a great athlete. it helps us a lot of those ways. he does have to look at everything formation lies, but
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he is giving us a great look. >> if the ravens go in to first place on monday, we could go through an entire week talking about baltimore teams being in first. >> it is pretty spectacular. >> they with us for a look at the seven-day forecast, after this. -- stay with us.
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>> we have just had an incredible run a beautiful weather. >> you notice he always says we when the weather is good. >> the chance of a thunderstorm tomorrow evening but the nice weather returns for saturday and sunday. sharif will greet us on a beautiful monday with maybe a chance for it all through that seven-day forecast. >> the showers will greet us on a beautiful monday. >> that is all for 11 news tonight. good night, everybody.
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- first lady michelle obama, olympic gymnast gabrielle douglas,

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